Saturday, 9 February 2013


FINALLY !!!   Blogger is letting me upload pages,( about bloody time).In the time that i have not blogged we have seen so much rain here in Queensland its not funny. We had some minor flooding here where i live,  The clean up for my home town is over, but for those in Rockhampton and Bundaberg it will be a long slow process. Well over at CREATIVE SCRAPPERS i have not been able to post a few pictures, so here they are.
This was for sketch #242

For the next page i used   a photo of me from way back when i was in Primary School
I love those Pink Paislee papers

Here is the sketch it was based on.

Now for the latest one, i have to say i was doing this page i didnt think i would be able to send it off because we were having so much trouble with our phone lines and the internet because of the floods. so when i got home and found we had internet a quickly took a photo and sent it off, I would have liked to have added more to it, but was a bit scared the internet would go off this is it.

And here is the sketch.

To see what the other Designers came up with why not pop on over to CREATIVE SCRAPPERS
You might have noticed that i now have just over 100 followers, so i think that calls for a GIVEAWAY so stay tuned.
Well thats all for now, if you made it to the bottom of this post ,THANKS ,why not leave a comment to say hi.


  1. Hi Stacey. Doesn't it drive you barmy when the computer doesn't do what you want it to.It's good to hear that you still have your head above water.Fabulous pages, all done with your beautiful flair.

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  4. I have included you in my list for the Leibster Award, you can see details on my blog at

    I'm so glad you can upload because your creating is worth a look.

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